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Romanian invents the anti-microbial packaging

dan-vodnar-200x150The Danubius Award has been awarded this year to Dan Vodnar, a scientist from Cluj- Napoca, Romania for creating an anti-microbial packaging derived from gastropod shell, algae and other natural ingredients.

According to Vodnar has been doing his research for several years now, starting during his doctorate when he studied the possibility of getting bio-plastic from lactic acid. Vodnar stated that during his research he has created pens that decompose in five weeks compared to conventional pens that decompose in 200 years.

Now, Vodnar has managed to create an anti- microbial packaging that will prevent people from food poisoning. This package will be more useful as foods will no longer need preservatives in order to stay safe and therefore consumers will be protected from ingesting chemicals.

Vodnar has also invented an anti-microbial label for fruits that disintegrate when put under water. Vodnar says that ‘there are mould and yeasts on the fruit and vegetables skin of which we eat. The label is also made of a biopolymer, a natural one that uses a different matrix from the packaging. It reduces the number of microorganisms on the fruit and vegetables which skin we eat’.

So far several companies are interested in Vodnar’s invention and soon we might see them in our supermarkets.



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