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Romanian economy considered one of the fastest developing markets

securedownload The Romanian economy is considered one of the fastest developing markets outside of Asia. According to Romania has got all characteristics to persuade businesses to invest in the country.

While Romania has received its fair of negative press in the last few years, this good news will surely put the country on the map in a different manner this time. But what makes the country a fast developing market? Romania has met a rising GDP, fast investments and a growing economy. Not only that, but Romania is rich in resources and the workforce is relatively cheap compared to other nations. Add to all these factors a big potential in tourism, agriculture, services, IT, the car industry, transport and insurance.

Romania has already received 22 billion funding from the EU for several investments and developing continues in infrastructure and environment. According to Romania has received the highest economic freedom score, being the 62nd freest economy in the world and  the 29th in Europe, which means it went up 23 points in 20 years.