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Gold for Romanian participants at the Linguistics Olympiad

2516900771_13e71cfb7f_zThe International Linguistics Olympiad in Beijing has recently awarded the gold medal to Romanian participant Dan Mircea Mirea.

The 12th International Linguistics Olympiad was held in Beijing, China between July 21 to July 25, 2014. It is estimated that 39 teams from  28 countries have participated, with around 152 contestants. According to the official website the participants have to solve problems in different languages including Benabena (New Guinea language), Engenni (Niger- Congo) and Gbaya(Niger- Congo). However the participants are not required to know any of these languages as these tests are based mostly on logical ability and thinking outside the box more than having knowledge.

According to last year Romanians also managed to win one bronze medal and two mentions and so far all the competitions have brought Romania one gold medal, one bronze medal, one best solution prize and four honourable mentions.