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Microsoft awards Romanian teenager for inventing guiding glasses for the blind


photograph by Daniel Guta, Adevarul.

Cristi Dragomir, a 17 year old teenager has recently been awarded by Microsoft for inventing a type of eyeglasses that will help blind people navigate. According to Romanian newspaper Adevarul, the competition was organised by Microsoft on a national scale with the purpose of creating the best software to solve social issues. Dragomir therefore has invented a technology called Vizum that will aid blind people when walking.

Microsoft has been working for a while on creating a headband that will be similar to Google Glass but instead this band will have an ear piece made for instructions. The glasses are still being tested on blind people to see if they can manage to find their way in a trainstation, escalators and stairs. The device uses special sensors that detect buildings or cars and also sends information to the user such as train times.