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Foster children participate in non formal education workshops thanks to the “Be ready for tomorrow” project

afis_Sm_2014_ReGeneratiaChildren from Gulliver and Tavi Bucur foster centers, Sibiu city, Romania, will participate in six non formal education workshops thanks to the project “Be ready for tomorrow!”

The money for this project was raised through a half marathon charity event that took place in May, 2014. The project has three themes ” Friends and entourage”,” Creativity laboratory” and ” Career dialogue” and takes place between 19th of August and 2nd of October.

20 children will participate at the non formal education workshops and learn how to plan their lives, how to take decisions, how to colaborate, how to communicate and have an impact, how to plan their career and to change their perspective on how they see school and learning.

If you want to get in contact with them, you can go their Facebook page or to their website.