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Romanian students beats the French and gets maximum points at French Baccalaureat


Romanian student Marie Renee Andreescu has received 20,35 points at the French Baccalaureat, which is more than the maximum that can be achieved, due to a certain type of calculations of different exams.

The French baccalaureat is a diploma awarded by the French ministry of education after the succesful completion of highschool and graduation of final exams.

According to La Croix newspaper, Marie also gained first place at the General philosophy competition on 9th of July, a competition that is aimed at the best students from France. This prestigious prize was won in the past by Victor Hugo and Alain Jupe.

The young lady will continue her studies at Ecole Prepa la Louis le Grand, where she will study history, letters and philosophy.

Marie has received the prize during a ceremony at Sorbone and has been congratulated by the France ambassador at Bucharest, Francois Saint Paul.