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Romanian community welcomes Ukrainian refugees with open arms


A few Ukrainian families were received with open arms by a small Romanian community from Magura Ivei, Bistrita-Nasaud.

The residents offered them their houses and helped them to settle down. According to, one of the Ukrainian families’ drama started a year ago when their hometown of Lugansk was bombed and occupied. They decided to leave and only managed to get a few clothes with them. Andrei Tusalin was an engineer and his wife Svetlana a psychologist in their hometown. Together they left a three bedroom apartment, along with their six children and came to Romania.”We ended up without house, jobs, both me and my husband and the children could not go to school”, Svetlana said.

The family has been welcomed in an uninhabited home in Magura Ivei. The community not only welcomed them, but also painted the walls, windows and renovated the bathroom of the house. Andrei has already got a job at a local furniture factory. The children were also given help, as an NGO offered them free Romanian language lessons. The Ukrainian ambassador in Romania said ” What happens now in Romania is a noble and important gesture”.