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“You should be proud of your doctors!” Bordeaux doctors impressed with their Romanian colleagues


Romanian doctor Ciprian Isacu, currently chief of Burn section at the University hospital centre in Bordeaux has praised Romanian doctors for their efforts during the Colectiv drama.

Ciprian Isacu together with doctor Marc Guibert have travelled to Romania to volunteer in the Romanian hospitals for 10 days. Isacu praised Romanian doctors and said that the patients could not have been treated better in France or Belgium. He said:

“‘I have been working for 23 years with burn victims at Bordeaux. To my surprise, we do not have any lessons to teach. I am wondering what we could have done. I represent a centre, maybe the largest one in the south-east of France. I wonder what we would have done with this type of tragedy… And really I wonder with all this pressure. 150 (patients) is a lot. We had a few weeks ago a bus accident in France and we had 40 something dead and we managed to save few people. Doctors did a high quality job you can’t even imagine. I have visited a few hospitals today. From a technical point of view they are the best, from a human point of view I have nothing to criticize. The burn is a very complicated pathology, maybe the hardest and most complicated. One day of reanimation in a foreign country costs over 8,500 euros. The doctors did a good job. We could not have done a better job in France, nor Belgium, nor England”.

With the support of the French embassy, teams of doctors from France will continue to travel to Romania to help with the victims.It is reported that for the next two months teams of two French doctors will volunteer to help in Romanian hospitals through rotation. According to Ciprian Isacu,  other patients could be transferred in other countries for treatment to ease doctors’ work.