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Romanian wines: the lovely Pietroasa vineyard


Romanian wine is one of the best, as continuous international awards confirm it.

One particular wine of quality comes from Pietroasa, a wine that has received many awards, such as the Gold medal at the Muscat de Monde competition in France. Pietroasa wines, such as Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Grasa de Cotnari, Riesling Italian and Feteasca Regala have been produced over 120 years by university professors and famous oenologists.

The Pietroasa wines are exported all over Europe and some people travel thousands of miles just to taste these wonderful wines. The oldest wine produced here is from 1942, a wine produced in the middle of World War II, although this did not stop the producers from doing their work. The vineyard is around 200 hectares and 8 types of grapes are grown by 50 employees. The wines are kept in oak barrels and then moved into bottles. The vineyard also has a special wine collection which includes over 100,000 bottles.