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Romanian archaeologists unearth huge city in Hunedoara


Romanian archaeologists have discovered a huge city in Hunedoara county, a city that is said to be older than the Egyptian pyramids.The city was discovered by accident by workers who were working on building the highway Sibiu-Nadlac.

The archaeologists believe that this city was built around the year of 4.200 BC, before the pyramids of Egypt were built (this was around 2.630 BC). The archaeological site is in Turdas, Hunedoara and is around 100 ha, has fortifications and even neighbourhoods. According to Observator TV, the archaeologists found many vases and statues. The fortification system that was discovered is exactly the one that was discovered drawn on a table by Nicolae Vlassa.

It has been noted that in this area, the population has built suspended houses, that were built on huge 6-8 metre pillars in order to avoid the floods. Other discoveries include 7,000 year old writings that are similar to the Sumerian writings, however they have not been translated yet.