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Romanian to do research at the Japanese Space Station


We have written before about George Potrivitu from Humulesti, a Romanian student who won the student of the year award for 2015. Now, after studying in international schools, George Potrivitu will head to Japan in order to study  spacecraft propulsion.

According to Cariere magazine, George said that these propellers will be used only in space and are based on plasma. These are used for spatial wells in interplanetary missions or are part of satellites that orbit around the earth, particularly communication satellites.

George is able to undergo this research thanks to Space Master, which is an international programme that was organised by eight universities from Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, the Czech republic, Finland, France, Japan and USA.

Engineers that participate in the field of spatial technology are able to participate in space missions, after undergoing a special training for astronauts. George admitted he might go in the future as engineers regularly participate in missions at the International Space Station.