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Angry with the local authorities’incompetence, a commune mayor cleaned the streets off snow



Valentin Vrabie, the mayor of Pestera has decided to clean the streets off snow with the help of the Council employees, after the authorities did not bother to clear the roads.

Pestera commune was isolated for two days due to heavy snow and blizzards. The schools were closed and food delivery stopped. The authorities had declared the road blocked, however the mayor disagreed and questioned how a 15 km road could be closed because 400 metres was covered in a 40-50 cm high snow. The mayor decided therefore, with a few employees to go and clean the road and also helped some people that were blocked between two towns. The mayor admitted that there were only small portions that had snow that would make driving difficult.

Valentin Vrabie said that the lives of residents in the Constanta county is paralysed due to the incompetence of the authorities and when something like this happens nobody gets involved but they prefer to fake involvement. He admitted to be ashamed of the local authorities.