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Romanian girls win BT Young Scientist award



Maria Louise Fufezan, 16 and Diana Bura, 15 have won the biggest prize of “BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2016”, which was organized in January in Dublin.Their project was called An Investigation into the Effects of Enzymes used in Animal Feed Additives on the Lifespan of Caenorhabditis Elegans”.

Diana Bura was inspired to undertake this research when she noticed that her grandma’s chickens were much smaller than those found on the market and wanted to find out why. She and Maria Louise Fufezan have researched this particular subject and signed it in the competition. The research shows how a food additive is added in food products and this leads to the chickens’ growth and it also damages the worms that live in the ground and help its fertilisation.The girls suggested producers to stop using these enzymes as they have a long term effect on the soil.

The prize of the contest is 5.000 euro and the possibility of representing Ireland at the European Union Young Scientist competition, which will be held in Bruxelles this year. The girls will also be invited to visit the house of Williams Racing in Oxfordshire.