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Romanians come back home to open successful businesses



A part of Romanians who emigrated a few years in order to have a better life have returned in the country and have opened successful businesses.

According to Romanians have put aside thousands of euro and now they open businesses such as producing candles. This example comes from an individual called Gabriel Hognogi,40 from Bistrita who has spent the last 12 years working in Greece with his wife. Now they have opened a candle factory.

Gabriel explained he wanted to be independent and to create something with his hands but also to be able to earn a living from it. He got this idea when he was in Greece. He did not invest much, just around 5,000 euro and he is already thinking of branching out. He is collaborating with flower shops and stores even in the centre of Athens.



Another Romanian, Alin Grigorescu has opened a farm where he raises sheep. He has worked for 10 years in Spain where he owned a construction company. He decided to come back to his country and invested around 150,000 euro in a farm where he raises Assaf breed sheep. He started with 100 sheep and now has over 300. He says the sheep costed 400 euro a piece and that he wouldn’t have known about the sheep if he did not work in Spain. Now he wishes to also open a factory where he can produce sheep diary.