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Local people donate money to help local cart salesman


Thousands of people gathered together this weekend to help Robert Lukacs, a young man who works in the center of Cluj selling diverse products from a cart. The local people got together to help him change the cart and to help him get a home.

Thousands of people queued for hours to buy products from Robert and some people started donating money.  22,025 lei and 275 euro were donated and at the end of the campaign 3,453 euro were donated. The campaign was organised by a group of taxi drivers, along with taxi driver Ioan Pugna, who started the campaign on facebook. He said on his facebook page that nobody cared about the cold or that the queue was huge. They all gathered to help.
The campaign has managed to gather around 28,500 euro so far. The campaign was also noticed by Pro TV and was promoted as well on TV.

Robert Lukacs has been working as a cart salesman for 15 years in Cluj. He has a small medical problem which is noticeable when he speaks, however he works very hard and is very communicative. He is well known to the local population as he sells his products( such as car perfumes) in the centre of Cluj. After a while his cart started to break and he managed to buy another one, however now he needed another one. Thanks to the local people he will manage now to buy another cart.

Robert said how he used to wash car windshields and then he started to sell car perfumes, however he always struggled to having a place to sleep.