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Romanian nun adopts and raises 12 orphan girls



maicaMother Serafima has raised all by herself 12 young orphan girls since they were infants. The orthodox nun lives in Marcus Monastery in Brasov county. In this place twelve girls grew up in a familial home built by the nun.

From the begining since the monastery was built the nun wanted to do more than a create a place of worship. She wanted to help people. Thus in 2001, Serafima helped by her sister took 12 girls that were abandoned at the local maternity.

She said” When I took them I did not thing about anything. I only thought that there are innocent little souls and that they need guidance and care. You cannot raise babies without love and care”.

Her sister said that it was hard work taking care of 12 babies. Now,some of the girls will go to high school. Child protection services were suspicious about her activity and she had to prove to them that she had good intentions. She had moments when she wanted to give up but she kept going.

The girls said that the nun is like an angel to them, that she protects them and helps them. They call her mother and they feel like in a family. The youngest of the girls is seven and she was left here a year ago but she accommodated really fast.