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Cristian Iamandi, the blacksmith who creates Dacian weapons


Cristian Iamandi has a pretty unusual job for our times, he is a blacksmith. But not any kind of blacksmith, because he is creating Dacian weapons. Now, it might be a bit too late for us to fight against the Roman empire, but you have to admit his job is pretty cool.

At age 30, the Sociology and Social assistance university graduate, decided to create Dacian steel weapons and Romanian knives. For his falx swords, which is a Dacian weapon like a reaping hook he uses special steel that does not break at impact. For his knives he uses steel that is abrasion resistant. The steel is bought from Germany and Austria.

After choosing the steel, the Romanian blacksmith heats it up at 700-800 Celsius degrees and then hits it with a hammer until the temperature of the steel decreases. He does this for days. After he gets the shape he wants, he gives it a heat treatment and then cools it down for 10-15 hours in coal.

According to Cristian Iamandi is still bothered by the fact that Romanians are not aware of Dacian weapons but they are aware of samurai swords or Viking weapons. He is hoping through his work to promote Romanian culture and history through Dacian weapons and Romanian knives.

Cristian Iamandi has been creating knives for several years, when a year ago he thought of creating the Dacian weapons. However, he was not able to find much information about them. He had to do research, spend time in museums and consult historians, archaeologists and anthropologists.