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Inspirational story: the poor boy who almost quit school twice becomes a judge

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Romania also has its share of rag to riches kind of stories and one of them is of magistrate Marcel Nechita, the vicepresident of Suceava law court. Marcel Nechita comes from a very poor family and because of that he never forgot where he came from and now helps others in his situation. Nechita now gives away a scholarship to four students to help with their studies.

When he was a little boy he almost had to give up primary school because his father wanted him to work the field. His father encouraged him by telling him he will get a horse and a cart and that he would earn a living by working in the field. However, his teachers intervened and insisted that the father let him continue his education. Thanks to a kind teacher that praised his academic achievements, the director of the high school he attended agreed to give him free accommodation. According to, in high school he did not have any money to get food so he had to eat other students’ leftovers. Now, that he achieved his life’s goals, he wants to help others like him to get an education. Thus, he gives away scholarships from his own money to four students who cannot afford to continue their studies.