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Kind-hearted person leaves envelopes with money all over Cluj-Napoca



An anonymous charitable person from Cluj leaves envelopes with money all over the city. The envelopes contain 50 lei or 100 lei and a piece of paper with instructions on it.


The instructions encourage the person to give at least half the money to someone who really needs it. The mysterious person who does this, also has a Facebook page where he or she promotes these kindness acts. The Facebook page is called “Bani cu suflet” (Money with soul). The Facebook page has also photos of the people that were helped with the money.The followers of the page also are awarded money through a prize draw. The idea of the draw is the same- the one who wins the money, has to help someone in need. The person behind the kindness acts tries to encourage other people to do the same.

So far, the people that found the envelopes have given money to a girl that was selling icons, so she can buy herself some food. Other money were given to an old lady. The man behind the mysterious acts said that the money is donated by him and that he got the idea from a millionaire from San Francisco who was doing the same.