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“Romania is a paradise!”, says Dutch woman who moved to Romania to work in agriculture


Agnes Jansen is a Dutch woman who moved to Romania to work in the agriculture. It would seem a strange idea, given the fact that many Romanians abandon the countryside to move to the city for better opportunities. Agnes, who is an agronomist, bought and renovated a house and now grows berries, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines.

The woman moved from the Netherlands along with her husband 6 years ago. They bought a house with 40,000 euro in Sarata, Sibiu and rented three hectares of land. They both now grow fruits and vegetables and sell them to people in the city. Every week she goes to sell boxes with cherry tomatoes, pepper, parsley and onion to about 20 families. She charges about 25 lei ( about 5,50 euro) for a small box.

She said in an interview by ProTV channel “In Netherlands we had 250 square metres around the house. Romania has really good land for agriculture and it would be a shame to not use it. Romania imports a lot of vegetables and fruits, instead of growing them. I would advise the people that work in agriculture here to stay in Romania, to not leave the country, to build a micro farm or a private business, to have initiative. And a little patience, you also need patience. Romania is a paradise. A paradise for agriculture.”

source: protv