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Adrian Ghenie’s painting sold for 4 million euros!

Adrian Ghenie’s painting sold yesterday with 3,117,000 pounds! The artist is well known for selling his paintings before his exhibitions and now the famous Sotheby’s sold his van Gogh inspired painting called “The Sunflowers in 1937” for an estimate of 4 million euros.

According to ProTV channel, his university professor Ioan Sbarciu from the Art and Design university in Cluj praised Adrian Ghenie for being a good disciple. He also said that there are thousands of Art students that go to UK, however there are not many that earn so many awards and come from the same school.

The painting was estimated at 500,000-700,000 euro and was created two years ago. However, it was auctioned at 4,000,000 euros. His university professor said these prices are quite normal for painters that become famous and that huge sums of money are not only invested in sports like football, but people are also interested to invest in art.

The painting is 280 cm wide and is a reinterpretation of Vincent Van Gogh paintings which focus on the sunflower. The painting refers to the times when Germany launched the concept of degenerated art in 1937, condemned modern artists and seized over 600 works of art.

Adrian Ghenie was born in Baia Mare in 1977, graduated in 2001 from the University of Art and Design, Cluj. He has had several exhibitions at museums including the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (2012-2013), Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kuns, Ghent (2010-2011) and National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest. His work has been also presented in exhibitions in Liverpool, San Francisco, Florence and Los Angeles.