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22 year old Romanian inventor awarded by Forbes magazine



Cornel Amariei, an engineer and inventor of Lumen, a device that helps blind people travel independently, has been nominated by Forbes magazine as the top 30 under 30 most promising young people from Europe.

Amariei, at age 22 was included in the Industry category and was also chosen as the leader of the best European individuals in the industry. He is well known for inventing Lumen, an eyeglasses device that uses a 3D scanner and sensors with vibrations that help blind people travel.

With the help of the sensors and the scanner the person that wears them can identify any obstacles in the way. The device reads the obstacles and translates them in vibrations, thus alerting the individual.

Cornel Amariei also works as a researcher and engineer at the Continental Automotive, a German company that produces break systems for Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen. He is responsible with the department of innovation and sensors.