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Romanian hairstylist wins Paris International Hairdesign competition

Romina Sabou has won the grand prize of the Haute Coiffure Trophy yesterday. The competition took place at Carousel Du Louvre in Paris and gathered over 600 hairstylists from different countries.Only 10 competitors have qualified for the finals and Romina Sabou secured herself the first prize, thus becoming the best hairstylist in the world. 
The competition had ten judges and the young woman from Cluj convinced them to give her the prize after doing a hairstyle with special techniques. According to Ziar de Cluj, she said ” What I have done in this competition is a technique called Vidal Sasson, typical London style, which is very fiddly and needs a lot of time”. 
Romina Sabou has been a hairstylist for 12 years and now she is a Master Stylist at the Boudoir Studio in Cluj Napoca. She is expert in doing extravagant styles and is specialist in hair colouring for blond hair and haircuts for long and short hair