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Another new British study confirms Romanian children are the happiest in the world

Last year, a research that surveyed several countries has shown that Romanian children are among the happiest in the world. This year a new survey that was undertaken in 16 countries and covered over 8,000 children confirms yet again that Romanian children are the happiest in the world.

According to the research, Romanian children are happy with the way they look and with their own body. Moreover, they are satisfied by school life, they love the area where they live and they are happy with the family life. 

The study undertaken by Jonathan Bradshaw and Gwyther Rees at the York’s Social Policy Research Unit also showed that highly developed countries such as UK, Norway and Germany had the unhappiest children. You would ask yourself why children in developed countries would not be happy, if they have everything to provided for a happy life? The research revealed that English children were not happy about their school life because of bullying and they were not happy about their body. Even though developed countries like the UK are able to give their children access to good clothes and internet (according to the study), UK children seemed to have issues on confidence and self esteem.


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