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Volunteers will build 40 houses in 5 days for disadvantaged people in Bacau


There are many organisations that try to improve people’s lives, but perhaps there is no organization that changed the life of the poor like Habitat for Humanity.

This organization has built houses for 64,000 people in Romania in 20 years of activity, an investition that costs around 15 million euro. The houses are built entirely by volunteers and these days 40 houses will be built in only 5 days in Bacau city. The houses are built for people who live under the poverty line. The people that will receive the houses do not get them for free. They have to help in building the house together with the volunteers and afterwards they  pay 85 euros on a monthly basis for 20 euros. The houses that are built for families, usually have two bedrooms, one living room and a kitchen. The houses have electricity, running water and heat.

The money paid by the people that receive the houses go towards the building of new social houses. According to, Mario De Mezzo, the director of Habitat for Humanity Romania said that this year they will try to build 40 houses in 5 days in Bacau to break the record. The highest number of houses they built was 27 houses in 2007 in Radauti. 

For the building of the houses this year 600-800 volunteers will participate from all over the world. The organization chooses people that will receive the houses using a certain criteria. People that need a house, come and complete a form, After that, the person needs to do 100 hours of volunteering, this criteria proves that the person wants the house. However, volunteering does not mean that the person will get the house, because there are many people applying for one house. Because of this, many people are not willing to do the volunteering.

According to De Mezzo, there were families who did 100 hours of volunteering and they did not get a house. They came back the second and third year to volunteer and they finally got a house.

  Habitat for Humanity houses in Bacau