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“Illegitimate” movie receives Berlin Festival award

“Illegitimate” directed by Adrian Sitaru has won the C.C.C.A.E.- Confederation Internationale des Cinemas d’Art et d’Essai award. The movie was nominated in the 66th edition of the Berlin International Festival and was selected from 44 movies that were nominated. 

The award was received by the producer Anamaria Antoci. The movie was aclaimed by criticis and international journalists. Le Figaro magazine has noted that the movie does not judge its character and the movie can be interpreted in many ways.

This is Adrian Sitaru’s fourth movie and it has not been supported by the National centre of Cinematography due to its sensitive subject. The movie tells the story of a disfunctional family and focuses on the subject of abortion. It is said that the movie will be seen as shocking by some, as it includes scenes of incest. The movie tells the story of two brothers and their love story. The roles were played by actors Adrian Titieni, Bogdan Albulescu, Alina Grigore and also unprofessional actors such as Robi Urs, Cristina Olteanu, Miruna Dumitrescu, Liviu Vizitiu and Mihaela Perianu. The script was written by Adrian Sitaru and Alina Grigore.