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How an optimistic Romanian created a Romanian positive news website

If you only watch TV and read the newspapers you will think nothing good happens in Romania. However, if you go online there is one website that is doing their best to show good people doing amazing kind acts. The website is called and it showcases many positive stories about Romania. Recently, another positive news website that focuses on Moldova positive news interviewed the founder of the website, Florin Ghinda.

It is interesting to find the motivation behind the creation of this website. Florin Ghinda came up with the idea after travelling to India and seeing how people were so happy despite their hardships. A very happy and optimistic rikshaw driver made him think about why in 2006 Romanians were so pesimistic about their future.

Since then, the website was created ( in 2006) and over 15,000 positive stories were written about Romania. Florin Ghinda, who has worked as a positive thinking trainer for 12 years for over 4,000 people, believes that despite the fact that there are many negative aspects of life in Romania, there are also good things that happen. Therefore he wanted to share positive news as well and thus he created the website. He pointed out that despite promoting positive news he knows it is important to remain anchored in reality. He is aware, for example that the roads in Romania do not have the same quality as the German ones. Therefore, he reveals positive stories that are suitable to the environment of Romania.
 In the interview to  Ghinda says that it was not an easy project as it had to be stopped several times. However, he managed finally to gather a team of 20 people and share over 15,000 stories. The website now has enough articles to convince us that good things do happen in Romania. The website publishes a series of articles and interviews on education, community, Romanian authors, economy, health, sport, tourism and culture.