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Scientist Viviana Gradinaru awarded by president Obama


Viviana Gradinaru (in the middle) with the Caltech team
Viviana Gradinaru, main researcher at the California Institute for Technology has received the 2016 ” Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and engineers”.

Barack Obama will hand the awards this spring at a premiere ceremony organized in Washington. These awards are given every year to individuals who bring innovations in science and at the same time, innovations that help the community. The awards were first established in 1996 by the president of the USA, Bill Clinton.

Viviana Gradinaru has received the award for developing a technique that can make a mouse’s body transparent. This technique will be used in biology and medicine to study the structure of the nervous system and to facilitate examinations of the way cancer spreads in the body. 

Viviana Gradinaru was born in Vaslui, has graduated Mihail Kogalniceanu highschool and then studied physics at the University of Bucharest. She then transfered to Caltech University in the USA to study biophysics in a neuroscience laboratory. She became a university professor at Caltech in 2012.