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Timotei Rad, a Romanian who travelled 230,000 km around the world

Timotei Rad, from Cluj, has travelled around the world, crossed over 230,000 km in three years, covering 4 continents. His method of travelling was hitcking. In his travels, he was not only picked up by normal drivers, but also by police, in Columbia and Chile, by an ambulance, in Ukraine, by a Russian army truck and by a French police car.

When Timotei Rad started travelling in 2013 he only had 70 euros in his pocket. However that did not stop him. Timotei was studying cartography at Babes university in Cluj and he was preparing to write his thesis about the first map created by a Romanian, Constantin Cantacuzino.

However, he was not able to find a copy of the map, as the only copy can be found in Viena and the original is in London. It was very expensive to order a copy so he decided to travel there. This is how he started his journey and in three years he managed to see countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

He started his trip in June 2013 when he headed towards Russia and Siberia. His trip was interrupted two times. For example, he had to come back home from  Kazakhstan, due to visa issues and in Afganistan was put on a plane, by the Romanian embassy, as they were worried about his safety.

In 2014, he visited all Europe and parts of South America. While travelling he wrote a blog and managed to get donations to help with travelling.

From all the countries he visited, he was really impressed by Russian people who were very friendly, Iran which had welcoming people and Maroc where he ate the best tanjine.