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American music band finds success in USA through their love of Romanian music

Four American musicians have formed a Romanian music band. It might sound as a joke, however what it means is that the four musicians are playing Romanian traditional music. 

The Garlic band is now travelling through the US promoting Romanian music and has had a huge success. The band members are inlove with Romania and two of them even studied the language in order to understand better Romanian traditions.

Miamon Miller, Cory Beers, Joshua Kaufman and Simeon Pillich formed the band in 2011. However Miller started singing Romanian music since the 1970s. He first came into contact with it when he was studying ethnomusicology at the UCLA. He joined a band that was singing music from the Balkan area and then the band decided to do a dance from Muntenia that involved the violin. 
Miller was the only one who played the violin and so he started to learn more about Romanian folklore. In the 1970s he visited Romania, he travelled through Bucharest, Constanta and Baia Mare. He was really impressed with the music and when he returned to USA he decide to learnt the language. He returned to Romania many times after that, choosing to visit Cluj and Maramures mainly. He got to know many musicians, including the Petreus brothers and sang along with the folkloric ensamble of the George Dima conservatory from Cluj.
The musicians who form The Garlic band are not regular musicians. Miller has sang with Neil Diamon and has composed music for TV series like Dr Quinn. Simeon Pillich has sang wit Taylor Swift, Dr Dre and Ziggy Marley.

You can listen to their music on 

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