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Romanian restaurants become popular in Italy

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It is well known that Italy has a large number of Romanian immigrants. Many of them now have started successful businesses and some of them even opened up restaurants that serve Romanian food.

Italian food is very popular around the world, however despite that Italians seem to fall in love with Romanian food. For example, Zina Vicol is one Romanian lady who opened up a pastry lab in Vignate. The cafe is called Divo’s and sells non fat Romanian pastry products. All her family was involved in building the business, as even her husband’s construction company helped build the cafe. PRO TV reports that the cafe is so successful that there are people who travel for miles just to buy her pastries.





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Mariana Giussani is another Romanian lady who opened up a store with ready cooked meals in Milano. The store is called Dacia.


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In Desio, Liviu Onea owns the restaurant Letrelanterne where he organizes over 150 weddings and christenings every year. His restaurant is very popular with Romanians in the area. He said ” Romanian food is everything for us. We offer ham, onion in Italy- it characterizes us and now Italians like it to”.


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