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Mahmudia community organizes award galas for their talented children


It is said it takes a village to raise a child. People from Mahmudia, Tulcea county took it literally as they decided to help the children in their commune. So they organized awards for students that have good results in school, workshops, dance lessons and photography lessons to stimulate their creativity.

Domnita Maftei, one of the people from behind the project has noticed that in the weekends people used to go out of their houses and walk around in the commune and the streets were filled with people who had nothing to do.Manuela Draghici noted that this project managed to bring those people together, to work together, to improve their community.
The courses organized by the PACT foundation have helped people from the commune, helping them to learn and how to organize. Luminita Enofei said that the organization ” teaches us, organizes us…We needed that, as we were a bit scattered. We didn’t know how to organize ourselves. Now it will be great! I can see so many things happening from now on…we shall see”

The community has so far raised 6,400 lei which they will use for organising the dance and hand crafting workshops for children.