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Village in Romania will allow you to experience ancient Dacian lifestyle

Many people would like to travel through time and experience the past times. Until someone builds a time machine, we will be able to experience the Dacian times thanks to Mihail Milea.

Mihail Milea is a priest who is very passioante about history. So big is his passion that he decided to build a village that would resemble how people used to live on the time of Burebista, the great Dacian leader. This village will be built in Buzau county, on a hill in the Naeni commune. The priest says that the residents will live in stone houses and will live off the land and off raising animals.

The first Dacian buildings were built on the Tigoarea hill, near the commune. Mihail Milea said to ” We have a four hectars from the Naeni commune and we are organizing it for it for people to live there. At first we planted over 4,000 trees with the help of voluneers and we also planted vineyards. Near the two houses, the first ones that we proposed to build, we have also built a sanctuary, we built a lake, a sheep stable. There will be people that will live there, it will be a living village.”

The priest said he wanted to go back to old traditions, to a more simple, natural life. He wants the village to become a touristic place but also a live museum.In the area there are already a few houses in which sheepherders live and a few volunteers who work at the building site.