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Transylvanian hand painted furniture now selling worldwide


Beautiful hand painted furniture from Transylvania, Romania now can be enjoyed by everyone in the world thanks to Mircea Ungureanu and Oana Cerbu. The couple have started their business in 1996 when Mircea Ungureanu noticed a furniture shop where a lady was selling painted furniture with Hungarian inspired illustrations.

According to Adevarul he said ” I then thought to continue the old tradition of Transylvanian saxon painted furniture, because my grandmother was Saxon. Until I got down to business, seven years passed, and in 2003 I started the business. I put an ad in the newspaper and with this occasion I met Oana,who I work with and we transformed this thing in a family business. We have five carpenters at the workshop and three people who paint”.



The paintings are inspired from traditional saxon furniture. The couple has researched thoroughly this theme, by visiting the Astra museum in Sibiu and visited many Transylvanian villages. The workshop produces diverse furniture: beds, closets, kitchen furniture, chairs, clocks, jewelry boxes and kitchen utensils. Their furniture is now sold worldwide. It has been bought by people from Japan, Pakistan, India, Australia, Italy, United Kingdom and the USA.