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Brasov hospital receives donation to help save premature babies

A 25.000 euro high tech incubator and a vital function monitor have been donated to a Brasov hospital. The machines were donated by the Save the Children foundation NGO ( Salvati copii Romania)  and the online book shop to the “Dr Ioan Aurel Sbarcea” hospital in Brasov.

The NGO drew attention to the fact that in Romania infant death numbers are quite high and this is because there is no special equipment to prevent this from happening.

The NGO has donated before several machines such as an electroencephalograph monitor, a ventilator for breathing support and other equipments worth 48,000 euro. Only last year, 4,083 births took place in this Brasov hospital and 626 were premature babies. Thanks to these machines at least 35 babies will be treated each year.

The money that Libris and Save The Children Romania donated came from people that donated online. Customers that bought books from had the option of donating money for this project.

In the past also helped the Filantropia maternity in Bucharest and the neonatology section of the E.R hospital in Cluj-Napoca.