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101 year old woman celebrated by the community

A 101 year old woman from Oarda de Jos, Alba Iulia has been celebrated by the community for her longevity. On women’s day, on the 8th of March, the Military college “Mihai Viteazu” from Alba Iulia has awarded female teachers honorary awards and has also invited Maria Barb.

The war veteran widow was born in 1915 in Oarda de Jos. Her husband fought in the second world war and then worked for the National Defence Ministry. She was not only celebrated for her age, but also for the fact that she has been a real life model of dignity, hard work, warmth, optimism and faith. 

Although a widow since 1977, she has always been a person that brought joy to people around her. She cared for everyone and she has been thankful to God for having a rich life. Maria Barba said that the secret to her long life is lack of stress and eating right. She added that she has been fasting always on wednesday and friday. Mrs Barb received flowers and a Romanian flag cockade.