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400 “mucenici”pastries baked for retirement home residents by Masterchef cooks

400 retired people from two retirement homes in Bucharest have enjoyed special traditional pastries called “mucenici”this week. The pastries were made by combining traditional recipes with fusion cooking. The food was prepared by four retired ladies that work with the Never Alone association ( Niciodata singur) together with the Bionic Chefs. The Bionic chefs are well know since they participated at the famous cooking show Masterchef. 

 The chefs have prepared over 400 mucenici for the retirement home residents from Floare Rosie complex and the Socio-medical services complex in Bucharest. The mucenici had diverse flavours: chocolate, almonds, cinamon and tonka.

 The purpose of the event was to bring attention to the situation of elderly people in Romania. According to in Romania 3,247,744 people are over the age of 65. Due to the fact that many young people emigrated, there is a lack of human and financial resources to support older generations. It is said that many old people live in social isolation and neglect.

 The association that organized the even was created by Principesa Margareta of Romania Foundation and Les petits freres de Pauvres from France. If you want to help you can donate at their website