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Students from Iasi university win silver and bronze medal at International Math Olympiad

Marian Mereu, Andrei Baciu, Andrei Diaconu and Cosmin Crihan won silver and bronze medals. source photo:

Students from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers in Iasi have won one silver medal and three bronze medals at the South Eastern European Mathematical Olympiad for University Students SEEMOUS 2016 in Cyprus.

The students: Marian Mereu, Andrei Alexandru Baciu, Andrei Diaconu, Cosmin Crihan have competed with over 90 students from different universities from Romania, Great Britain, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Macedonia.


Marian Mereu stated”I have participated in mathematics Olympiads and other competitions during high school. I have loved maths since I was a child, however I have also been mentored by my maths teacher Iuliana Cotae during high school and some school mates helped me as well.”


Alexandru Baciu said ” We have had the same teacher and I have been his schoolmate since we were 7. For the Olympiads and everything. He went to the Olympiad in the 11th grade and I went in the 9th grade. Over the following years we were not so lucky, but we worked hard enough to reach this point”.


The students have been prepared by a group of teachers formed of Ariadna Pletea, Marian Pantiruc, Marcel Roman and Radu Strugariu.