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Romanians in Italy get together to donate toys to children in Vatican hospital



A group of Romanian volunteers have donated toys and games to children at a hospital in Vatican.

The Romanians who reside in Italy have formed an association called Românii din Roma (Romanians from Rome) which focuses on charity events. It all started with a four year old Romanian child who went to Rome for a cancer treatment. Since then, Daniela Stoica and Daniel Costache have formed this association together with other Romanians who work or study in the area. Their main purpose was to bring awareness to children’s cancer.


Therefore the volunteers gathered together to collect toys and games to bring smiles to children’s faces. Their charity event was open for a month and through their Facebook page a large number of Romanians from Germany, USA and Italy have donated toys.

The charity wants to gather also toys for the Christmas and if you want to help or donate you can contact them on their Facebook page Comunita Romena di Roma


You can contact volunteers: Marchidan Marcy, Elena Chirila, Daniel Ostafi, Dana Danutza Mocanu and Adriana Elena Ungureanu