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Romanian expats in USA: Alex Nichifor, professor at Stanford


Many Romanians expats who moved to the USA have developed great careers. We could mention here Viviana Gradinaru, who was awarded by president Obama for her scientific work ( read about it here) and Anda Gansca, who was chosen as one of 30 under 30 list . Another Romanian who made himself favourably known to men of research in economy is Alex Nichifor, professor at Stanford university.

Alex Nichifor has been collaborating with a Nobel laureate for economy in 2012- Alvin E.Roth, who thanked him in the preface of his book “Who gets what and why” for his contribution.

Alex Nichifor has graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania and then went on to study a master degree in Financial markets in Toulouse France on a scholarship and earned his PhD in Economics in Netherlands in 2011.

He stated for ” I had the chance to attend the Toulouse university, where Jean-Charles Rochet and Jean Tirole have laid the foundations to an extraordinary department.” While studying he also taught seminars to first year students and this determined him to continue his studies with a PhD in Maastricht, Netherlands.

During his research years he visited the Harvard Business School, where he was the guest of Alvin Roth, winner of the Nobel prize together with Lloyd Shapley. After graduating he became an assistant professor at the St. Andrews University in Scotland in September 2011. However, he still maintained his friendship with Alvin E. Roth who moved to Stanford to teach and asked him to join him in his Market Design group.

Alex Nichifor has discussed the book that Alvin E. Roth has written and to which he wrote the preface of the Romanian version. He said that the book is written for the wide public, it is a humorous book and it is a summary of forty years of  matching theory research. Talking about his career as a professor he stated that being a professor in the western world means the same duties like being a professor anywhere else in the world” you have to do research, to teach and to undertake administrative duties.”



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