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Romanian female dance group wins 3rd place at World Dance Trophy in Venice


A Romanian dance group from Ramnicu Sarat has won the third place in a dancing competition held in Italy.

The group called “Craitele”( The Marigolds) formed by young female students has participated in the international Dance Competition called World Dance Trophy held in Venice, Italy at the end of March and has competed with over 300 groups from different countries. The group has been coached by Nicu Dinu and also supported by the director of the cultural centre Violeta Vilcu. Nicu Dinu said that the competition did not focus only on folkloric dance, but all types of dancing was allowed, including modern.

The group has been active for four years and they proved they are prepared to participate in big competitions like the Venice one. Some girls in the group participated for the first time in an international competition and they were very nervous when stepping on the stage.

Elena Adelina Macovei said that they worked hard and they prepared for the competition. She added ” we saw the others in the competition and they were very good and you see, we got very nervous, we didn’t know what to do and when you see someone is better than you, you realise you are not really going to win. When we got on the stage we looked at the audience and the judges and I saw the ladies smiling at us and when the judges smile at you, the anxiety goes away and we danced with joy.”