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Romanian IT group creates software system to rival Windows

A Romanian IT group has created a software system to rival Windows, and they called it Kogaion Linux. This system was created in Romania and it is said that it can save money as it will be available for free.

The name of the software “Kogaion” comes from the sacred mountain of the Dacians and was given by Ionel Busuioc, a member of the group that created the software.

Kogaion was first developed by Stefan Cristian Brindusa from Bistrita Nasaud last year. Currently the programme is tested by  several IT workers at the Polytechnic University in Bucharest. The programme was created to be used in public administration and in education, it is resistant to viruses and is less exposed to cybernetic attacks. On this software 39,000 source programmes can be installed.

The Romanian team behind it is called Rogentos Linux Group and is formed by Stefan Brindusa, Ionel Busuioc,Cosmin Poeana, Victor Nitu, Ionut Indre and Ghiunhan Mamut. The team also created a software called Argent which will be used in public administration.

Stefan Brandusa said about the system ” Kogaion will be permanently free, but Argent will have a paid version in the future; that’s what we’re planning. In five years, let’s say, I would see Argent in the public administration, on all levels. It would represent a saving of 5 million euros, money wasted by institutions only for Windows licences, a system that still has not solved the problem of viruses. I see an international success in Argent. We are seen by the communities of developers as a project with huge potential”.