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Largest CPR training in the world to be organized in Bucharest


11,900 Romanians will participate in the largest CPR training session in the world in an effort to break the world record. The course will be organized by the Rescue Society Association in Bucharest and the Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance Service. The course will take place on the National Arena in May and over 600 instructors will attend.

The event is called ” Record for life-110 years of saving lives” and the participants will learn how to recognize a heart attack and perform CPR. The president of the Bucharest Rescue Society Association said that the main purpose of the event is not to break the record but to educate as many people as possible. Statistics show that the CPR rate in Romania is only 3,92% and in 2015 only 108 people from 2,750 survived a heart attack thanks to CPR.

The previous world record was set in 2013 in Germany, when 11,840 participants learnt CPR. If you want to participate you can subscribe at