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Monastery hosts children to help them attend school


Nuns in Bistrita Nasaud county have been hosting children in their own monastery to help them attend school.

16 children from a small village called Ciosa, which has only 238 residents, have been forced for a long time to walk between 8-12 kilometres to reach their school in Piatra Fantanele village. The village does not have a proper road to be accessed and it is quite isolated. The nuns have helped them by hosting the children for 5 days a week, while they attend school. The nuns also take them to school, prepare food for them and help with homework.

Last year, only half of the children were attending school, as it was difficult to walk 8-12 km to school and back, however now thanks to the nuns the children have 100 percent attendance and according to the teachers their learning has also improved.

Cristina, a 7 grade student said” Before, we had to wake up at five and go to school. It took us two hours to reach the school. It was really hard. Now I am here and we sleep longer and we go every day to school.”

The nuns are happy to help the children because when they were in financial difficulty the village also helped them. The nuns said that they are happy to give children the chance to learn. The nuns not only help the children with their homework, food and housing but they also go together to dance classes, guitar classes and they also organize shows.




source: mediafax