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The Wine Book of Romania-Romania’s largest wine review book launched


The first edition of a Romanian wine book was launched this April. The book contains a description of 214 wines that are produced in Romania and Moldova. The wines were evaluated by eight international experts during an international event and 15 percent of the wines have received five stars.

The Wine Book of Romania is the first bilingual guide (in Romanian and English language) that gathers a collection of wines from Romania and Moldova, that covers new wine cellars and also old cellars. The book will be distributed at the Cultural Institutes, Romanian embassies and will be able to be found at international festivals and exhibits.

The members of the jury that selected the wines for the book are Caroline Gilby – Master of Wine (United Kingdom), Rod Smith- Master of Wine (France), Luiz Alberto- Wine Expert (USA), Paul Robert Blom (Netherlands), Helmuth Koecher (Italy), Zoltán Szövérdfi – Szép (Romania), Cosmin Grozea (Romania) și Mi Yeun Hong (South Korea).

Marinela V. Ardelean was the one that initiated and coordinated this project. She is a specialist in branding and business development in the enogastronomic industry.