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5,000 years old grave found in Prahova county

5,000 grave discovered photod

A 5,000 years old grave was found in a field between Ploiesti city and Targoviste. The grave was found by accident, as builders were evaluating the ground to build a neighbourhood.

The archaeologists believe that the grave belongs to an individual who had an important position in a nomadic group. Several objects were found in the grave: a copper and clay necklace with a pendant. The objects were attached to the neck of the individual.

The archaeologists stated that these pieces usually are represented on funeral stars in the centre of Europe. Alin Franculeasca, archaeologist at the Prahova History Museum has declared for Pro TV that the discovery is very important as this is the third necklace to be discovered in Prahova county. He noted that it is very rare to find this type of jewellery in Romania.

source: protv