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Romanian neurobiologist to grow a functional human cortex

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A Romanian neurobiologist is undertaking research for the purpose of generating a human cerebral cortex in the laboratory. This research is done for identifying the pathological processes that determine autism and schizophrenia.

Sergiu Pasca is doing his research at the Standford Universtiy in USA, and last week he has presented his project at the Babes University. He noted that what lacks in neurobiology research is information about cells and circuits that determine psychiatric diseases.

According to MEDIAFAX, Sergiu Pasca has stated that he is mainly interested in the developing of the brain with applications in psychiatric illnesses. The Standford laboratory has so far used stem cells in order to describe the characteristics of the neurons at patients who suffer from autism. Seriu Pasca is hoping to develop a part of the human brain in the laboratory so he can study the effects better, however this whole process will take a few years.

Sergiu Pasca has graduated from the Iuliu Hatieganu Medicine and Pharmacy university in Cluj-Napoca and since 2009 he has been working at the Standford University. He has published many scientific papers in speciality magazines such as Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology and Annual Review of Neuroscience.