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Emma Cristina Gheorghiu wins European Moot Law competition


Emma Cristina Gheorghiu has won the Best General Advocate award within the European Law Moot competition in Luxembourg. The award was granted by the Court of Justice of the European Union on April 15 2016.

Emma, originally from Galati, Romania, has represented the Leiden university in Netherlands, where she studies European law and international business law. She is also student at the Danubius university in Galati where she is also studying Romanian law. Emma Cristina Gheorghiu hopes to come back in the country and this is the reason why she is also studying Romanian law.



The European Law Moot Court competition has been organized since 1988 and it is considered one of the most prestigious of its kind. 154 universities from 20 European countries and the United States have participated this year in the competition.


The list of winners for 2016

ELMC 2015-2016 Winning Team: Ljubljana U.
Winning Commission Agent: Columbia U.
Winning Advocate General: Leiden U.
Best Written Pleadings: UL Brussels
Finalist Team: Gothenburg U.
Semi-Finalist Teams: Athens U. & Maastricht U.
Finalist CA: Luxembourg U.
Finalist AG: Edinburgh U.