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Washington mayor declares 24th of June the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse

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Although Romanians have been celebrating the day of the Romanian blouse for a few years now, it is finally official. 24th of June has been declared the Universal Day of the Traditional Romanian Blouse.
The Romanian embassy in US has noted that Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington DC has recognised it as a symbol of Romanian community and she has proclaimed it a a universal celebration.

 While the blouse is celebrated by Romanian communities all over the world, the blouse has also become a source of inspiration for many fashion designers and it is also loved by celebrities.


The blouse has been especially promoted by a Romanian community around the ” La Blouse Roumanie” which is present on all social media and is highly popular on Facebook and Instagram.

facebook page of La Blouse Roumanie : La Blouse Roumanie