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Writer Matei Visinec receives Jean Monnet award


Romanian writer and poet Matei Visinec has won the “Jean Monnet” award at the Litteratures Europeennes festival in Cognac city, France.

Matei Visinec has received the award for the novel “The merchant of novel’beginnings” which was published in French.  The award will be given on November 19 within the Litteratures europeenes festival.

Visinec has become a famous poet during the 1980’s and then as a playwright. His plays were popular, although they were banned from public performance. He moved to France in 1987 and worked for Radio France Internationale. He also lived in London for a period of time and worked for the BBC.

Theatres from over 30 countries perform his plays: Actes Sud-Papier, L’Harmattan, Lnasman and Crater. The writer has also published several successful novels such as The Dustbin Man, The Woman as a Battlefield, A Spider in the Wound, Panic Attack in the City of Lights. His works often criticise the excesses of consumerism and the atrocities of totalitarianism.